Top FREE Vector Download Sites

Top FREE Vector Download Sites

My absolute favorite type of graphics to work with by far are vector graphics. They are so crystal clear, clean, easy to format, and resize usually. Wikipedia has a great definition on vector graphics here about what they are all about, and to give you more information, but you truly won’t know until you actually work with them.

Since I started working with vector graphics, I have found many wonderful free vector download sites I often turn to when I am in need of resources for a project. Even if I need graphic design inspiration, I find myself browsing these top free vector download sites and can often find what I am looking for. Beware, they can be addicting and often I even find myself browsing through page after page, finding more than what I originally needed.

Here is a fantastic list of the top free vector download sites, all of which I have happily bookmarked:

All-free-Download-free-vector-download-site has thousands upon thousands of free vector downloads from any category you can think of. In addition to all their tons of vectors, you can also download photos, PS brushes, PS patterns, PS Styles, font, wallpapers, and more.

Freepik-Top-Free-Vector-Download-Sites is really a search engine that links out to the top free vector download sites among others. This opens up the door to even more free vectors available throughout the web. Above offering vectors, they also search for photos, Photoshop files, and icons that you can choose from as well.

Vecteezy Top Free Vector Download Sites, the name says it all indeed! This is a free vector download site full of only vector art including icons, swirls, patterns, flourishes, and so much more.

Vector4free top free vector download sites offers free vector downloads in a wide range of categories, simply click their “Tags” menu item to search the hundreds of tagged vectors, or of course use their regular search bar to find what you are looking for.

DownloadFreeVectors free Vector Download Site is one of the largest collections of people and building silhouettes, above that they have floral, ornaments, icons, and much more for free vector download.

CoolVectors Free Vector Download site is a large online directory of free vector downloads from categories such as grudge, human, objects, nature, flowers, ornament, decoration, pattern, shapes, signs, symbols, splatters, website elements, and much more.

DeviantArt Free Vector Download Sites Although this is more like a social network for talented artist and those interested in design, this can also be a great resource for free vector downloads when using their search.

QVectors Free Vector Download Site contains over 690 pages of just vectors with illustrations, icons, abstract, objects, elements, nature, silhouettes, and much more types to choose from.

PIxeden Free Vector Download Sites is one of my new favorite free vector download site when it comes to creating infographics (how I first stumbled on it in the first place), and offer way more above that featuring vector graphics in icons, symbols, office, and so much more.

Dezignus Free Vector Download Site is geared toward the graphic design community offering many freebies in vector graphics, PS brushes, PS shapes, textures, backgrounds, icons, and much more.

FreeVectors Free Vector Download Site provides many royalty free vector art graphics created by their very own in house designers. Contains over 145 pages filled with vectors to download.

FreeVectors.Net-Free-Vector-Download-site is a community of vector lovers who share free vector graphics from all over the web to download. You can find vector graphics in a wide range of tags to choose from.

123-Free-Vector-Free-Vector-Download-Site features over 4,400 free vector graphics to download in images, illustrations, backgrounds, and more to choose.

Free-Vectors Free Vector Download Sites contains over 100 pages full of free vector downloads in any many different categories to choose from such as splatters, icons, objects, and more.

Vector-Open-Stock-Free-Vector-Download-Site is a large stock of great quality vectors, many are free to download under the Creative Commons license or their Open Stock license in many categories to choose from such as buildings, abstract, animals, cars, holiday, icons, grunge, food, swirls, and more.

VisionMates-Free-Vector-Download-Sites offers free vector downloads in any category you can think of including business, urban, patters, retro, nature, music, and more.

Bittbox-Free-Vector-Download-Site features a special section only for free vector downloads with over 25 pages to scroll through. They also have brushes, fonts, and textures to browse from as well.

When you visit most of these free vector download sites, make sure you find and click the actual download link for the file. I noticed they have many “download” buttons, some being advertisements, and one being the actual download link, so be aware of that.

Also keep in mind some of the free vector downloads you come across on these sites are for educational purposes, or reference, or have very specific license terms, and don’t want them used in commercial. Just keep an eye out for any restrictions for downloading and make sure you understand them before using the vector art in whatever form you are wanting to use it.

That concludes my fantastic list of the free vector download sites out there. Did I miss any other fantastic ones? Please let me know!

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