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Shutterstock Free Premium Files

Shutterstock free premium files are offered weekly just by simply going to their homepage. They choose one different image and one vector to feature weekly and offer it to download for free. Even if you don’t know if you’ll necessarily use the image or vector file, it does not hurt to use in your files.

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Download Shutterstock Free Premium Files

Shutterstock is what I would consider the biggest stock photography website out there today. Each week they offer a free photo and free vector for anyone to download. You can either go to their website to check when they post news ones every week, or sign up for their newsletter, which also highlights their free premium files download. If you do choose to just visit the website every week, be sure to set yourself reminders, and bookmark their website.

Another trick to keep in mind with Shutterstock free premium files, if you visit their blog frequently, they will sometimes include links to download their free files too. Of course, you would need to pay close attention and not miss a blog post. I am a regular on their blog because I definitely value their content. Plus when they include those random freebies it’s a major win win. Personally, I think signing up for their newsletter is the easiest and quickest way to access the Shutterstock free premium files. Even if you do not think you’re going to use the file, still usually worth downloading.

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