One of the topics I like to blog about is usually how to make money online, but today I’m to do a Receipt Hog Review which has more to do with making money with mobile apps. It was so easy for me to make my first $30 with Receipt Hog so I figure what the heck, I’m going to share my Receipt Hog review from a personal experience aspect of how I did that.

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My Personal Receipt Hog Review:

What Receipt Hog is all about. Receipt Hog is a free mobile app for the iPhone or Android you simply use to earn coins by submitting your grocery store receipts. From there, by uploading your receipts, it may give you an opportunity to earn even more coins depending on products or amount you spent at the store. Receipts can be from any grocery, supercenter, convenience mart, beaut supply, or pet store. It doesn’t matter what you buy as long as it is from one of the 10,000 grocery stores approved, they look at the total you spent. I’ve uploading receipts from Fry’s, Walmart, Target, Dollar Stores, Dollar General, and Sprouts just fine. Keep an eye out for when they let you upload all stores receipts. Last November during the holiday season, they allowed their users to upload all retailers’ receipts until the end of December so I was able to upload receipts from Kohl’s, Famous Footwear, and a few others for coins. **FYI, remember to upload your receipts within 14 days from the date on the receipt. That should be plenty of time!

How much you can earn with Receipt Hog. This depends on how many receipts you upload and how much you are spending per receipt. Here is their breakdown: <$10 = 5 coins, $10-$50 = 10 coins, $50-$100 =15 coins, and $100+ = 20 coins. You may submit up to 20 receipts per week, which I have never submitted close to that amount so that’s not a bad limit at all. When you have enough coins, you can then choose to redeem for cash to deposit in your PayPal account or redeem for an Amazon gift card. See my screen shot below, they make the choice easy:

Receipt Hog Review

As you can see from another screen shot below, the longer you build up your coins to cash out, the better value rewards redemption for you, which is what I did. Once I hit the 4500 Coins mark, I cashed out my coins for the $30:

Receipt Hog Review

Receipt Hog ReviewReceipt Hog ReviewOther ways to earn $$$ with Receipt Hog. Besides submitting receipts, there are many other ways to earn coins with Receipt Hog which will turn in to cash or an Amazon gift card. Specially for this Receipt Hog review, here are a few other ways I earned extra coins:

How long did it take to make that $30? Yes of course, one of the important pieces to know of my Receipt Hog review! I couldn’t believe when I looked at the receipt upload history, it took approximately 11 months for me to earn that $30. Time flies I guess because to me, it did not seem like I was uploading receipts for 11 months. During that time, on average I would say I only uploaded 3-6 receipts per week (as opposed to the 20 a week you can upload), completed about 20 quick, less than 3 minute surveys. So just an idea of how much, how fast (or slow) you can earn money with Receipt Hog.

Downside to my Receipt Hog Review. I would say the only downside worth mentioning for Receipt Hog review was two things off the top of my head:

  1. There were a few times, not many though where it took many business days to process my receipts. This can be annoying when you want to throw away or file away your receipts but can’t in case you need to re-upload to Receipt Hog.
  2. It took 5 days for Receipt Hog to finally process and approve my $30 to deposit into my PayPal, but I cant complain too much because they still paid. I am use to apps like iBotta that are immediate when you request a payment into PayPal. They do make you aware of that though, see screen shot below:

Receipt Hog Review

Another  nice thing I will mention about Receipt Hog is how easy it is to upload receipts. There were maybe two or three times over the 11 months where I had to upload a receipt for the second time because of it being too blurry, which was my fault anyways. Now I always take a picture of the whole receipt, then I take another shot of that same receipt, but zoom in over the total spent. Just a tip!

Although Receipt Hog is not a get rich quick type of mobile app (are any really?), I think it’s a great way to get some extra cash just for uploading your receipts every week. It literally takes less than 1-2 minutes to do each receipt, if you already have the receipts, might as well right.

I hope you found my Receipt Hog review to be beneficial and if you’re interested in joining, you can always help give me more spins by using my referral link here: Thanks for reading!

If you are looking for another great money making app, check out my post, iBotta Referral Program – How to Make $100 Quick. I believe you have the potential to make more money with the iBotta app over the Receipt Hog app. You can also check out a more in depth review here for iBotta.

28 Responses

  1. I was wondering if you knew how exactly the receipts are processed I see where you mentioned that it took a while for the business to do it

    1. Hi Robin, on the week days Receipt Hog is usually pretty quick to process, usually within 24 hours. There were a few times they did take longer. On the weekend, I notice it takes Receipt Hog a little longer to process. Just depends…

    1. maybe you can just print them,
      I don’t see anything to upload online receipts. I just started mine last night and I earned 230 coin already, just connecting to FB, amazon, your email and some receipts and free spin.

  2. For 100 coins I was asked to link my e-mail address and when I read the agreement statement it wanted to TAKE OVER MY E-MAIL! it wanted to change everything and send e-mails to my contacts. Receipt Hog is okay for now, just be careful what you do on that app!

  3. Question, I’m worried about uploading receipts with credit card numbers on them. Does it matter or am I worrying over nothing?

    1. I hope you do not receive any receipts with your whole credit card number showing, but it’s up to you. If it’s like a normal receipt you get, it should only contain the last 4 of your card and I personally don’t see that as a problem. But completely up to you.

  4. I’ve been using receipt hog for a few months now and finally got enough to send for a $30 amazon gift card! Well it’s been 8 weeks now no card and no response to my inquiries about it! Very frustrated! Any advice???

  5. I put my qust for my card on 2/27/2015 and I have not got it yet why I havent recive it it should have been here by now what up with that

  6. I have downloaded Shopkick, Cartwheel, Walmart, Mperks, Digimarch Dicover so far. No sure what I like, I am new to this trying to save money thing. Now I want to download ReceiptHog. Just wanting feedback to what people like about these different apps., or not like about them. Confused and trying

  7. I just downloaded this app but my issue is the survey it wants me to do about myself. I feel it asks questions that are way to personal like where do i live, if i have kids, if im married and even my household income…. i dont feel that is very safe.

  8. Just a FYI: Many of the receipts are processed via crowdsourcing by people all over the world for 2-4 cents for 5 receipts. How do I know this? Well, I’m one of the people doing it! 🙂 Oh, absolutely worst are blurry receipts, receipts stitched together with multiple lines intersecting, not resizing an image so we get 2-3 GB to download for each receipt on a slow connection on a computer with 2GB ram, image too small, the provided item id not present on the receipt, etc. You get the idea. What I can recommend anyone taking pictures of receipts: Before uploading it, take a look at the image. If you can’t easily see especially item name & ID, price, date, receipt ID and more, then it’s usually not good enough.

  9. I’ve been using Receipt Hog for the longest time, in fact I have already redeemed $90 and on the process of redeeming another $60 (2 $30 Amazon). I often wondered how Receipt Hog make their money. I hope their not selling any of the information on my receipt. Does anyone have my idea how they make their own money?

    Does anyone know any other app where you can earn free money or goodies? Thanks

  10. I have pending receipts nearly 4-weeks old. A store I stop into almost daily and upload receipts, sometimes 3 from same day take longer than the rest. Seems to closer you get to reward, they have multiple issues always causing a delay to get rewards. I’ve uploaded receipts at beginning of week given that should be 14-20 coin rewards. With the delay in processing, I end up getting rewarded 5-coins. Now that I’m so close to cashing in on reward, the issue is uploading receipt from their end.. It’s fun to play and earn, the app has been in use long enough, so I don’t believe the “issues” they respond with anymore. I’m embarrassed to have shared this app with family & friends.

  11. Just a quick question or two. I just started a new week on the Hogg, and I’ve not loaded 20 receipts as of tet and I’m already getting a message if threshold coins has already been meet, why would this happen, and also I can never submit a request because I can open the topic or the network user for some reason would you or can you pls advise on thses two questions. Thanks and have a great evening.

    1. Receipt has changed quite a bit since this blog post. I do not use it as much anymore because of all the changes and I feel they have made it harder to earn coins. Even when using the slots, I use to win 25, 40 coins, now I may get 2 or 5 every 10 spins I get. I do not earn as many coins as before, therefore I do not use it as much. I wish you luck though. Thanks for stopping by Mike!

  12. I have been using it for a few months now and I am not happy at all. It tells me I have reached the coin threshold way to soon and fails to give credit where credit is due.

  13. When I get the “coin threshold reached” message for some receipts, I wait a full 24 hours and I re upload those same receipts I got the message for and I get credit for them.
    Wait 24-48 hours before reloading, it always works for me.

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