Best Resources Photographers Can Make Money for Photos

Best Resources Photographers Can Make Money for Photos

Being a freelance photographer can be a rewarding job, especially when you can make money for photos you are proud of. There are so many resources where photographers can get their work out there while making some money at the same time. Whether starting out or doing photography for years, it can be challenging to make a decent living when you are a freelance photographer. Which is exactly where my inspiration comes in, to list a few resources to help photographers make money for photos.

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Foap. This is a fun mobile app you can download on the Apple App Store or Google Play to make money for photos taken on your phone. You get paid $5 per sold photo, and you can sell your photos more than once. Once you signup, start uploading your work, they say users with more than 100 photos sell 500% more than other users with less photos. Once you upload, the photo will get published into their “community” for review, once it hits an average score of 2.5 or more, it will get approved for the Foap Market. Keep in mind before it hits their community you will need to rate 5 photos yourself from their community. A little bit of a process, but it goes pretty quick. The only downside I saw with this app, even though it’s not required, is Foap recommends you Verify Yourself by scanning your ID to increase your chances of selling more of your photos. Again not required.

Photo Contest. I wrote a hub on hubpages a while back about Top 2014 Photo Contest, most go on every single year actually. There can be big prize money involved for photographers to make money for photos. Check out my hub for more resources and figure out if these photo contests may work out for yourself.

Indivily Magic. Offers photographers, both professional and amateur, to earn $1 per each time their image is used. They use the photos for blog posts and social media posts for their clients.

FreeRange. Photographers can make money for photos when users visit their page and click on any Ads where the picture is displayed to download. FreeRange offers stock photos for commercial and non-commercial use for free. They make their revenue strictly from advertising.

SmugMug. Offers an easy and secure way to make money selling your photos online, with customized product options you can sell as well. You pick the photo products you want to sell, set your own price, and keep 85% of the markup. They also offer helpful marketing tools and great support for photographers who want to make money for photos with their very own website.

Now, one of the biggest ways photographers can make money for photos, stock photo sites! Businesses and individuals constantly need images they can legally use for printed materials, websites, blogs, and much more. There will always be a need for photographers to capture that perfect shot for someone else to utilize.  Stock photo site’s payout prices can range from $0.25 up to $28 per image sold or 15%, 45%, or up to 40% of each sale. Just depends on who you go through.

Top stock photo sites photographers make money for photos:

That covers the bulk of resources I feel are super helpful for photographers to make money for photos they’ve captured. Please share any other websites or resources out there you know of where photographers can make money for photos easily.

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