25 Cool Chrome Extension Must Haves

25 Cool Chrome Extension Must Haves

From time to time I find a great Chrome extension that make my life so much easier. I’ve compiled a list of 25 Chrome extensions I’ve found very useful for the everyday web user, graphic designer, web developer, and even online shopper. Think of it as a random list of useful Chrome Extensions, hope you […]

Need an Awesome Desk Gadget? Here are 16 You Must Have!

Need an Awesome Desk Gadget Here are 16 You Must Have

While Christmas shopping online I came across some awesome desk gadgets I wouldn’t mind having on my desk. Then I thought, hey, some or most of these are very nifty for other people who work at their desk like me! These also make great gift ideas for bosses or office secret Santa’s, get creative with […]

12 Best Plugins for WordPress Sites

Best Plugins for Wordpress Sites

Having the best plugins and most useful plugins for your wordpress sites is critical in it’s success. I’ve featured both paid and free plugins for WordPress websites below that I believe are very useful. I can say from personal experience, these are truly ones you must install! 12 Best Plugins for WordPress Sites BuzzComi WordPress […]

How to Sell Zazzle Products on Your Own Site

How to Sell Zazzle Products on Your Own Site

This is a step by step guide on how to sell Zazzle products on your own site, specifically a WordPress website. Although there are other print on demand retailers you can do this with, I chose to use Zazzle for this post because they are on of my favorites and they are very easy to […]

15 Top Rated WordPress Themes for Bloggers


Finding the right top rated WordPress themes for bloggers can be difficult when you’re unsure where to turn, what to expect, or who to trust when purchasing WordPress themes. The top rated WordPress themes for bloggers listed below are all rated 5 stars on Themeforest and have had many many sales. Check them out and browse the […]

ibotta Review – Limited Time $5 Referral Program

ibotta review

PLEASE NOTE IBOTTA’S REFERRAL PROGRAM HAS CHANGED. PLEASE READ MY UPDATED BLOG POST HERE FOR MORE INFO! You don’t have to be a hard core coupon person to be successful with the ibotta app. My ibotta review will shine light on easy ways you can make money with this mobile app. I just recently reviewed […]

Become a Master of YouTube Yourself Today

Become a YouTube Master Yourself

Are you wanting to get into YouTube yourself but have no idea how or where to start? Or maybe you are already making videos on YouTube yourself, but not sure if your optimizing them correctly for the web. I plan to cover all of this right here, right now! At the end of this post […]

20 Great YouTube Video Ideas

20 Great YouTube Video Ideas

There are really a lot of great YouTube video ideas to do of your own out there, but finding inspiration at times can be hard, especially if it is your first time making a YouTube Video. I have never been big into YouTube, but figure since it involves so much of my world online, I […]

Receipt Hog Review – I Made an Easy $30

Receipt Hog Review

One of the topics I like to blog about is usually how to make money online, but today I’m to do a Receipt Hog Review which has more to do with making money with mobile apps. It was so easy for me to make my first $30 with Receipt Hog so I figure what the […]

MyPoints Review – My Personal MyPoints.com Experience

MyPoints Review

Finally after being a member since 2006, I’ve finally decided to do a MyPoints review. MyPoints.com pays you in gift cards, cash, travel miles, or you could generously donate your money too, for completing more than just surveys. It rewards you in points for doing online shopping with over 1,000 online merchants, play games, book […]

AffiloBlueprint Reviews – Turn into a Pro Affiliate Marketer

AffiloBlueprint Reviews Turn into a Pro Affiliate Marketer

When you commit to being an affiliate marketer, you come to realize there is a lot of money to be made online by simply selling other people’s products, that’s basically what it is right? Affiliate marketing is not as simple as finding a product and slapping it up on your website or blog, hoping people […]

Different Types of Online Writing Services You Can Offer

Different Types of Online Writing Services You Can Offer

If you are a writer of any sort, it’s important to know the different types of online writing to figure out what’s best for you if you seek a career in it. Maybe you did not know you could write better for one specific type of online writing over the other, and make more money […]