27 Amazing Photoshop Effects Ideas for Kids

Amazing Photoshop Effect Ideas for Kids

With the skill of Photoshop effects, you can now make kids into superheroes, glowing dancers, body builders, robots, having them star in their own comic book, or whatever else you/they can think of. Imagine the look on their face when you surprise them with a poster of an image they usually can only see in […]

46 Spectacular Photoshop Lighting Effects Tutorials

Spectacular Photoshop Lighting Effects

By using Photoshop lighting effects you can create a dynamic piece of artwork to brighten up, and make your image more interesting. I have compiled a long list of awesome tutorials to help walk you through how to create Photoshop lighting effects to your image. 46 Spectacular Photoshop Lighting Effects Tutorials 80s Christmas Artwork A […]

Top Hashtags to Use for Blogging, Graphic Design, Web Design and More

Top Hashtags to Use WebJess

There are thousands upon thousands of hashtags out there to choose from for every different type of category you can think of whether talking about a certain holiday, cause, shopping, health, business, blogging, art, online tools, and pretty much anything else you can think of, but whatever it is, there has to be a hashtag […]

Zazzle vs Cafepress: Which One is Right for You

Zazzle vs Cafepress Which One is Right for You

You want to get in to custom printing, you have your own designs or you plan on creating some, but don’t want to keep any in stock, or pay any upfront cost, that’s where Zazzle.com and Cafepress.com come in, read my Zazzle vs Cafepress to find out which website is right for your designs when […]

18 Great Logo Design Inspiration Websites

Great Logo Design Inspiration Websites

Logo design inspiration is a must have when you reach a designer’s block and you don’t know which direction to go whether you are designing a logo for yourself, for a client, or need to come up with an idea to have someone else design a logo. You start asking yourself which colors or font […]

Graphic Design Freelance Work-Ways to Make Money

Graphic Design Freelance Work

Have you ever opened a word document and inserted clip art, placed some text and maybe a picture to make a quick flyer? A simple project such as this can technically be considered graphic design. Or maybe you make business cards or logos with more advanced software such as Photoshop or Illustrator. As defined by […]

27 Ways to Make Money Online

Ways to Make Money Online WebJess

Need ideas of all kinds of different ways to make money online? This a a great start to figuring out what may work best for you and what you do, or want to do online. **This post contains affiliate links & I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. […]

300 DPI: What does 300 DPI Mean

300 DPI What does DPI Mean Webjess

What does 300 DPI mean? DPI means dots per inch, so when referring to 300 DPI, this means 300 dots per inch. When I first started out in the design industry, I was getting many request to make sure the image I was working with was “300 DPI”, even when putting images on the web. […]