Envatomarket Free Premium Files Monthly

EnvatoMarket Free Premium Files Monthly

This is my go to website for not only purchasing premium WordPress themes, plug-ins, and templates, but also to get free premium files as well. You can literally find everything you need for your website in this one spot, and more. This post contains affiliate links & I will be compensated if you make a […]

Shutterstock Free Premium Files Weekly

Shutterstock Free Weekly File Downloads

Shutterstock offer free premium files weekly just by simply going to their homepage. They choose one different image and one vector to feature weekly and offer it to download for free. Even if you don’t know if you’ll necessarily use the image or vector file, it does not hurt to use in your files. This […]

10 Useful and Free Photo Editors Online

Pixlr Free Photo Editors

Not everyone can afford to have sophisticated software such as Adobe Photoshop to edit their photographs. That’s where free photo editors online come in. They may not have everything Adobe Photoshop does, but they work well and get the job done when it comes to cleaning up or adding a cool effect to your image. […]

Where to Find Public Domain Images

Where to Find Public Domain Images

Recently I wrote a blog post about where you can find sites that offer free stock photos (read more here) to download, which are all great, but I noticed the licenses of how you use each site, or even each photo within each site can vary from one another. Keeping up with all the different […]

Where to Find Free Stock Photos for Your Website or Blog

Where to Find Free Stock Photos

Before jumping in to this great list of 31 free stock photos websites, and downloading images for your website or blog, most of the images you find on these websites fall under the Creative Commons licenses. I recommend reading about their licenses ahead of time and understanding what each one means so you know how […]

Top FREE Vector Download Sites

Top FREE Vector Download Sites

My absolute favorite type of graphics to work with by far are vector graphics. They are so crystal clear, clean, easy to format, and resize usually. Wikipedia has a great definition on vector graphics here about what they are all about, and to give you more information, but you truly won’t know until you actually work […]

5 Free Microblogging Sites to help your Website

Free Microblogging Sites WebJess

Microblogging is a great idea to do as often as you can for your website or blog. Just another way to easily get your site out there and noticed while networking with people around the world. What is microblogging? Microblogging is similar to regular blogging, but in a smaller content or file size, and can […]

9 Free Blog Sites Easy to Use

Free Blog Sites Easy To Use WebJess

What is Blogging??? What is blogging? Blogging is the action one does when creating their own quality content and submitting it to a “blog” platform whether it be through their own website or through free blog sites. “Blog” comes from the words “web log”, which that is exactly what it is simplified when you think […]

18 Free Blog Tools

WebJess Blog Tools

Utilize all different types of FREE blog tools to get your blog off to a great start. There are so many blog tools out there you can pay for later on down the road, but whether you are just starting out, or an experienced blogger, here is a list of 17 free blog tools that […]