15 Best Value Stock Image Subscription Sites

15 Best Value Stock Image Subscription Sites 2018

I’ve come up with a list specific for the graphic designer needs in mind. What this means is although the title is Best Value Stock Image Subscription Sites, I also included information for premium file downloads for vectors, templates, and more. Graphic designers usually use more than just stock images, which is why I will […]

Envatomarket Free Premium Files Monthly

EnvatoMarket Free Premium Files Monthly

This is my go to website for not only purchasing premium WordPress themes, plug-ins, and templates, but also to get free premium files as well. You can literally find everything you need for your website in this one spot, and more. This post contains affiliate links & I will be compensated if you make a […]

Shutterstock Free Premium Files Weekly

Shutterstock Free Weekly File Downloads

Shutterstock offer free premium files weekly just by simply going to their homepage. They choose one different image and one vector to feature weekly and offer it to download for free. Even if you don’t know if you’ll necessarily use the image or vector file, it does not hurt to use in your files. This […]

Stylish Office Blankets to Survive the Polar Vortex

Stylish Office Blankets to Survive the Polar Vortex

I live in the desert (aka Arizona), where it is known to be nice and toasty for most part of the year. What I noticed year round, a problem pretty much nationwide, is COLD offices! No matter where I’ve lived, or what offices I’ve worked in (including my own home office), I get cold easily. […]

7 of the Best Premium Shopify Themes from Themeforest

7 of the Best Premium Shopify Themes

I am a diehard WordPress user, but with all the hype around Shopify, and me being a web designer, I figure I must tap in to this Shopify business. The competition around Shopify Stores, and who has the best one all around has many users ready to step up with the best premium Shopify themes. […]

Awesome 2018 Gadgets to Bring in the New Year!

Awesome 2018 Gadgets to Bring in the New Year

With the new year right around the corner, it’s time to add some new 2018 gadgets to your wishlist. I’ve searched high and low, and came across some great finds worth purchasing this next coming year. They totally match what everyone is in to these days, whether you are in the “older” generation or the […]

Best InDesign Tutorials for Beginners

Best InDesign Tutorials for Beginners

When I started doing graphic design, I started out with Photoshop, then moved on to using Illustrator. Finally, several years later, I now use InDesign on a regular basis. With that being said, I had to search out many InDesign Tutorials for Beginners, the list will never end. As I find more InDesign tutorials for […]

Tips for Selling on Zazzle

Tips for Selling on Zazzle

If you have a passion for creative designs, and would like to start earning money from them, success with selling on Zazzle is very doable. Outlined below are tips for when it comes to selling on Zazzle. Getting your designs out to the world on a t-shirt, cell phone case, poster, etc. is very difficult […]

iBotta Referral Program – Get $5 for Each Referral

ibotta review

The ibotta referral program keeps getting better and better, I am truly impressed from where it started from, to where the app is now. Right now they are back at $5 for every person you refer. How is works is you get $5 for each friend who uses your code to sign up and redeems […]

How to be a Better Affiliate – Improve Your Game Today

How to be a Better Affiliate

Being a blogger, whether it’s a full time or part time job and/or hobby, ways to being a better affiliate may help improve your game. What’s our ultimate goal as a blogger? Is it to spread the word about a topic you love, or spread the word about a topic you love AND make money […]

2017 Blogger Goals – 11 Great Examples

2017 Blogger Goals 9 Great Examples

Better late than never for this blog post I’ve been wanting to write since before 2017 came. 2016 has ended and if you still need a push for 2017 blogger goals, this is your push; for any blogger in between the beginner mark to the professional mark. I’ve outlined 11 great examples for 2017 blogger […]

10 Inexpensive Promotional Product Ideas People Will Actually Enjoy

10 inexpensive promotional product ideas people will actually enjoy

One of my favorite things when it comes to attending conventions, conferences, or any type of trade show, all the free promotional products I grab from the different booths. Promotional products are a great idea when you want to get your business name or brand out there locally. Finding the right inexpensive promotional product to […]