Amazing Photoshop Effect Ideas for Kids

27 Amazing Photoshop Effects Ideas for Kids

With the skill of Photoshop effects, you can now make kids into superheroes, glowing dancers, body builders, robots, having them star in their own comic book, or whatever else you/they can think of. Imagine the look on their face when you surprise them with a poster of an image they usually can only see in their imagination. Photoshop is a powerful tool and if you have access to it, use it! Yes, some of these tutorials may not include all kids, but the ideas are great to use for your own images.

27 Awesome Photoshop Effects Ideas You Can Use for Kids:

3D Pop up Effect in Photoshop

A truly great way to capture a moment while make it pop with a 3D effect as well, this tutorial comes from

3D Pop Up Effect in Photoshop






Angelina Jolie as a Na’vi from Avatar Movie

I know kids love Avatar! Grab a close up portrait of your child and follow this tutorial from to create a neat Avatar Photoshop Effect.

Avatar Photoshop Effect






Brilliant Lighting Photoshop Effects

A great tutorial from to easily feed your child’s imagination by simply adding some brilliant lighting effects.

Achieve Brilliant Lighting Effects







Comic Book Photoshop Effect

A fun tutorial from that will help you create a cool comic book Photoshop effect you can easily place a child in who would love to star in their own comic book to show off to all their friends.

Comic Book Kids Photoshop Effects







Creating Energy Spheres in Photoshop

A neat way to give your child some extra powers in a photograph by creating energy spheres with a Photoshop effect, tutorial from

Creating Spheres in Photoshop







Dramatic Lighting to Create Stylish Portraits

A sweet tutorial from that will walk you through how to turn your regular baby portrait into a stylish advertisement looking portrait by dramatic lighting Photoshop effects.

Dramatic Lighting Stylish Portait Photoshop Effect







Drawing Effect on the Photo

A great Photoshop effect from that will walk you through how to create a hand drawn effect from a portrait.

Drawing Effect on the Photo






Flaming Photo Manipulation

So you may have a child who might be a little bit of a pyro, no I am not encouraging it, but by adding fiery flame Photoshop effects, you could create a really cool photo to impress a kid. This tutorial comes from and will walk you through step by step.

Flaming Photo Manipulation Photoshop Effect









Frozen Liquid Effect

How cool would it be to turn your child into a frozen superhero that maybe has the power to turn invisible when they want? This tutorial from will walk you through how to create these neat effect.

Frozen Liquid Kids Photoshop Effects






Futuristic Athlete Graphic

If you have a child that’s into sports this tutorial from could be just the one you are looking for. Create an effect that almost looks like you can see through their skin to see their veins.

Futuristic Athlete Graphic Photoshop Effect








Geometric Space Poster

A cool tutorial from that incorporates geometry and space to create an awesome poster you child may really like.

Geometric Space Poster Photoshop Effect








Halftone and Dots and Linear Light Photoshop Tutorial

A short and easy Photoshop effects tutorial from on using halftone and dots and linear light.

Halftone Dots Linear Light Photoshop Effects





Lomo Effect in 3 Simple Steps

A quick and easy tutorial from that will show you how to create a lomo effect for your image.

Lomo Effect in Photoshop







Neon Effects

A really cool tutorial from that will walk you through on how to create a neat neon Photoshop effect to almost give it a powerful fantasy look.

Neon Kid Photoshop Effects







Non-Destructive Lens Flare Effect in Photoshop

A great way to easily enhance any photograph to make your children shine bright. This tutorial from will show you just how to create that effect.

Non-Destructive Lens Flare Photoshop Effect







Photo to Pencil Sketch

A creative tutorial from that shows you how to create a stunning piece of art that looks like you’ve drawn it with your hand from pencil.

Photo to Pencil Sketch Photoshop Effects









Pop Art Photoshop Effects

A cool Photoshop tutorial on that will teach you how to transform an image into a retro pop art icon.

Pop Art Photoshop Effect









Radial Zoom Enhanced Eyes Photoshop Effect

A great tutorial form on how to create an amazing eye Photoshop effect you can use on any portrait for your children.

Radial Zoom Enhanced Eyes Photoshop Effect







Retro Comic Book Photoshop Effect

A fun tutorial from on how to create a comic book look for any of your images by using different design elements in Photoshop.

Retro Comic Book PhotoShop Effect







Sparkle Trail Photoshop Effect

A beautiful way to add some pixie dust to a photo of your little fairy princess, tutorial from

Add a Sparkle Trail Photoshop Effect









Stylize Model Shoot Using Colorful Shapes in Photoshop

I thought this tutorial from was cool for a children’s poster because of all the colors, plus you can get creative and add text to it.

Stylize Model Shoot Using Colorful Shapes in Photoshop







Telling Stories with Shadows

A fun tutorial from by Steve Patterson to walk you through how to make a person appear like a super hero or body builder in their shadow manipulation.

Telling Stories With Shadows







The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland Photoshop Effect Tutorial

Transform your child into the Mad Hatter if they like Alice in Wonderland with this cool tutorial from

Mad Hatter Photoshop Effects Tutorial







TRON-Inspired Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

A super cool tutorial from on how to make an effect you would see straight out of the movie TRON.

TRON-Inspired Photo Manipulation in Photoshop









Turn a Photo into Vector Art

If you know how to use the pen tool well in Photoshop, you will have an easier time with this tutorial on A great tutorial that will show you how to create a vector graphic from an image.

Vector Art Image






Watercolor Photosho Effect

A great tutorial on to help you make an image appear softer, with a beautiful watercolor effect.

Watercolor Effect




Wet Place Photo Effect in Photoshop

Get a close up picture of something they enjoy doing. This tutorial from shows you how to do it with ballerina feet, but you can create that look of wet place for other images such as baby feet, holding hands with your child, Eskimo kiss picture, the possibilities are endless.

Wet Place Photo Effect in Photoshop







Making special Photoshop effects for your child’s photographs will truly make them pop, plus it will help you build a portfolio for yourself if you are experienced in Photoshop, and can take photos. Now go make someone  awesome!

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