8 Ways to Use Snapchat for Business 1

8 Ways to Use Snapchat for Business

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to using Snapchat, I often found myself lost at times, espcially when it came to using Snapchat for business. Snapchat has became one of the fastest growing social networks, with over 100 million active users daily. Although this social network is more popular with the younger generations (13-34), I slowly see it growing with the over 34 age range, especially with businesses tapping in to it more now. What’s even better, is it still seems so new for businesses to use, NOW is really the time to start snapping and getting your business out there before competition catches up. Whether you own a business or have a website of some sort, and you want to draw attention to it, having a strong social media presence is critical.

Here are 8 Ways to Use Snapchat for Business:

1. Figure out your audience. When you begin any social marketing campaign, having a plan in place increases the chances for a successful outcome. Part of making a plan is knowing your audience, who do you want to target? Once you know the answer to this, it will be easier to form your campaigns around specific demographics.

2. Do Snapchat only content. Stay unique; use private content you only snap/share on Snapchat. If people can see the same content across all your other social media accounts, maybe they may not feel the need to view it on Snapchat. BUT, yes there is a but, you can save the video or picture you snap for Snapchat to post on another social network at another time.

3. Highlight a live event. Use Snapchat to capture moments you want to share from it. Let people in on what you do or are doing; keep it interesting in what’s life like in your industry. Even if you plan on attending a convention, snap some highlights you come across.

4. Offer Snapchat only Promotions. If you have products you sell on your website, and want to offer a promo code, have a letter in each snap so people will be encouraged to view your whole story in you timeline. Or include the promo code in one snap and encourage your audience to go look at your timeline before it disappears. A smart idea to grow your snapchat for business.

5. Promote private Contests. This is truly a great way to really invite your audience to get involved, participation is a great thing! You could have people participate in contests by snapping a photo of themselves holding one of your products or something along those lines. Come up with a contest related to what your business is all about and give away a gift card or a gift basket of your products to the winner(s).

6. Take Your Snapchatters Behind the Scenes. The perfect way to draw your audience in and show them how your day to day business ventures run. Like I mentioned before, if you are planning on having a live event, capture and highlight moments from it. Take your viewers on a tour of your office, show off the employees that work with you, or snap a photo of your hectic work space.

7. Reach out to the Snapchat Professionals. Find an experienced Snapchat pro to partner with to spread the word of your business or website. Think of it as advertising, but even cooler because it’s a real person spreading the word of your brand. This one is a little bit of a relief beceause if you are new to Snapchat, you could learn a thing or two when it comes to using Snapchat for business.

Promote across all your social networks. It’s harder to find and follow businesses on Snapchat unless the user knows your exact name. You can’t use hashtags and no simple search so it needs to be very clear to your users what your user name is on Snapchat.

I have to admit, once you get started, you’ll realize why all the hype with Snapchat for business, you may even become a little addicted. Hey, that’s ok, keep up and consistent with snapping content and see the results unravel. Do you have other genius or unique ways you use Snapchat for business? I’d love to hear, please comment below and let me know!

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