2021 Blogger Goals 9 Great Examples

2021 Blogger Goals – 11 Great Examples

2020 has ended and if you still need a push for 2021 blogger goals, this is your push; for any blogger in between the beginner mark to the professional mark. I’ve outlined 11 great examples for 2021 blogger goals to follow whether you blog about fashion, cooking, fitness, health, animals, etc.

The examples listed below will vary from person to person and adjustment in numbers might be needed depending on how much time you have in a day or week. If you blog full time, your numbers may be higher. If you work a full time job, are a full time parent, and blogging is your part time job, the numbers will be lower. Write out and keep in mind your 2021 blogger goals should fit your schedule and around what you blog about.

The list below should be your main goals, but make adjustments around what you do as a blogger. Meaning if you are a fashion blogger, do you put outfits together? Or if you blog about fitness, do you put workout videos together? Then you will want add this to your 2021 blogger goals of how many of those you want to create in a week.

2021 blogger goals – 11 examples:

  1. Write 3 blog post per week. Post one new large (1,500+ words) blog article per week and two small (750-1000) blog articles per week. Always keep quality over quantity in the back of your mind.
  2. Increase and engage page viewers by 20% every month. Read your Google Analytics! Observe which pages are your viewers favorites, and how long they are staying on the page so you know where you need to improve. This may also help you come up with future blog posts with knowing which ones are doing well.
  3. 50 new email subscribers per month. Have a “Subscribe” button available on every page of your blog.
  4. Send 1 newsletter per week. Put all your blog elements into the newsletter. For example, newest blog posts for the week, popular blog posts, featured comments, blog testimonies, etc.
  5. Read 3 blog posts of fellow bloggers a week. Be sure to also leave a QUALITY comment, with a back link to your blog if possible. Be a part of your blogger community.
  6. Write 1 guest blog post a month. Or more, depending on how your blog is growing. This is great exposure to getting your blog out there even more. Just doing a general Google search of “Where to Guest Post” will pop up with many options, pick one that is your blogging specialty.
  7. Make/increase revenue from blog by 10% each month. Why many of us blog, to make a living out of it.
  8. Interact 3 times a week in a Facebook bloggers group. This is a great way to introduce yourself and make friends with a huge blogger community. Often there are many opportunities to post a link to your blog or article. Be sure to read the group’s rules before doing certain posts to make sure you do not get banned from the group.
  9. Conduct a full blog audit once a year. Obviously you will need to carve a lot of time out for this, depending on how many blog posts you have. Go through each to make sure information is still accurate, update the outdated, make sure there are no broken links, and create back links to other blog posts if possible. You’d be surprised at how many you forget about.
  10. Share your blog posts on social media once a day. If you could schedule one social network post a day containing a link to your blog, perfect. You can easily make sure to do this once a day by using a social media scheduler like Buffer. Make a schedule at the beginning of each week and you won’t have to post every single day physically. Check out my Tips to Succeed Across the Top Social Networks post.
  11. Publish 1 e-book by March 31st. I keep telling myself I need to go this. There are so many of my blog posts I can combine in to an e-book to make it more beneficial to my viewers. An e-book is a great way to drive traffic to your blog by referring the reader to check out certain blog posts for more info. This is also a great incentive to sign up people for your newsletter, offer a free e-book if they sign up. For my 2021 blogger goals, I am striving to do this at least once a quarter.

Need help keeping track of all your 2021 blogger goals? Write yourself a schedule, planning out your entire 2021 year. Use either a paper planner/organizer (I like the old school paper way), or use a mobile app. Leave yourself some wiggle room and don’t be discouraged to make adjustments if the schedule is just not working for you.

These 2021 blogger goals can be measured by week, by month, or quarterly. Do what fits your schedule. It can be difficult to keep up with your 2021 blogger goals, but always remember, doing something is better than doing nothing. I for sure miss blogs posts, social media blog shares, and don’t make time to read other blogs as much as I should, but when I can, I pick back up right where I started. That’s what matters. Do not quit because you fall behind. Goals can always be ADJUSTED!


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