20 Great YouTube Video Ideas

20 Great YouTube Video Ideas

There are really a lot of great YouTube video ideas to do of your own out there, but finding inspiration at times can be hard, especially if it is your first time making a YouTube Video. I have never been big into YouTube, but figure since it involves so much of my world online, I really need to tap into the YouTube network.

Here are 20 great YouTube Video Ideas:

(1) Make an Introduction Video for Yourself or Business

This is a great icebreaker when joining YouTube, and will get more people interested in what you are doing. People love REAL people! Anytime you can incorporate the “real” factor into one of your YouTube video ideas, do it!

(2) Create HOW TO Tutorials

How to tutorials do very well on YouTube. Learners need visuals which is why a good, straight to the point, easy to follow tutorial could get you alot of loyal fans. YouTube video ideas for How to tutorials can be for makeup, fitness, building, software, cleaning hacks, or anything else you can think of.

(3) Record or Compile Testimonials for your Business

You can record your customers or clients who are happy to get in front of a camera and make a video out of it. Or you can compile comments, emails, or anything where your customer is quoting your amazing work. If you go this route, it is also nice to put a picture of your customer along side their quote. After all you would be making a video out of it and viewers don’t typically want to just read text with no pictures the whole time.

(4) Create an Interesting & Educational PowerPoint

You could have a PowerPoint just lying around from long ago that you could easily turn into a video. As you can see in the video above, I used PowerPoint to create it. Starting out on YouTube, I felt this was the easiest to use until I get better recording software for my computer. Super simple way to create your YouTube video ideas if you already know how to use PowerPoint.

(5) Review a Product

Another really popular of the YouTube video ideas is to review a product. Shoppers, especially online shoppers will often read or watch reviews online to figure out if they want to buy the product in question. If you just got a new and hot selling item, test it out right away and do a video review on it. If it’s new, there is a great chance you’ll get lots of YouTube hits.

(6) Create a Slideshow of your Sweetest or Funniest Moments.

YouTube now has a pretty cool feature for video uploading, you can create a photo slideshow right in YouTube without having to do it in PowerPoint or other video making software. If there are heartwarming or hilarious photos you can compile, you never know when they will make great YouTube video ideas.

(7) Create a Parody Video

Wow has this subject blown up over the past couple of years! People create funny imitations of popular posters, movies, songs, celebrities, fast food restaurants, and really anything famous. Here are a few examples of parodies:

  • Space Balls was created as a parody of Star Wars
  • Saturday Night Live TV show is a perfect example of a parody, that’s all that show does is imitate celebrities and TV shows.

(8) Record a Prank

One of the most popular YouTube video ideas since everyone loves a good laugh. Make sure when you do this you have the person’s full permission to put it on YouTube afterwards. Use your best judgement as to what is ok, and that you know the person will eventually get over it and laugh about it afterwards.

(9) Make a Fitness Video

If fitness is your niche, or a hobby, why not record a workout routine that works for you or a new workout move. When I find workout routines off Pinterest, I question some of the moves, which is where YouTube comes in handy. I will search the name of the workout move to figure out how the heck to do it.

(10) Talk About the News

Talk about subjects you are passionate about and current events you keep up with. This is what some people spend alot of  their time doing, reading and watching the news of what is going on around them.

(11) Create a Cooking Show

There are some amazingly helpful cooking channels on YouTube! If you can come up with a yummy recipe and create a fun video in making it, more power to you! Cooking shows do very well on TV, and what’s cool about YouTube is you can watch a cooking channel on there anytime and for free.

(12) Questions and Answers Session for Fans

If you can compile all your questions that come from fans such as emails, comments, etc., take the ones you feel would be the best for the use of your session, and answer all of the questions one by one. Depending on how many you have, keep it at a manageable length, if you need to make another video, you can do so at a later time so your viewers will not get bored.

(13) Video a Tour

Take your fans on a day in the life yourself. It can be a tour of places you’ve traveled, your house, your neighborhood, an amazing park, your backyard, a secret spot, trip to the zoo, or anywhere else you would want to show your fans. Sometimes spur of the the moment tours make great YouTube video ideas.

(14) Video Challenge

These are scarily becoming more popular as people just keep coming up with crazy YouTube video ideas on how to challenge others to do next near impossible tasks. Be careful with this one, I dislike reading the challenges that have gone overboard, so bad that some have caused death. Here are a few YouTube video ideas when it comes to manageable challenges: baby food tastings, chicken nugget eating, see who can keep warheads in their mouth the longest, hot pepper eating, nasty food combinations, or fitness challenges.

(15) Motivational Speaking

If you are great at motivational speaking, I strongly encourage you to create a whole channel on just that. So many people out there in the world really need to listen to a good motivational speaker that has the potential to help them change their life. If you have the power to motivate, you can make it big with this idea.

(16) Video Quiz

This could be a fun way to keep your viewers entertained with your channel. You could always record your quiz questions in one session, and tell your viewers you will reveal the answers in another future session. That will keep them intrigued to stay tuned to your channel.

(17) Funny or Cute Animal Video

This is another one of the very popular YouTube video ideas that do well. I know I can’t help but look at adorable or funny pets, one after another.

(18) Show Off Skills Video

If you are talented in dancing, singing, acting, comedy, or any other act, you could be the next big star just by showing off your skills in a YouTube video of your own. Many celebrities you see today have been made famous from being discovered on YouTube, like Justin Bieber for example.

(19) Interview Yourself or a Guest Blogger

Even if it is your best friend, if you can hold an interesting interview with a person, including yourself, you can hook viewers in. Another “real” aspect that fans really admire.

(20) Make a Thank You Video for Your Loyal Fans

What a better way to keep your fans loyal and get additional ones than showing them how much you appreciate them. Even if it is a slideshow of little heartfelt or cool thankful snippets, that’s all it takes sometimes to get the message across.

Now if you feel you are ready to master YouTube, check out my recent post here on tips of how and where to start, plus how to optimize your YouTube video.

Are you inspired yet to make a YouTube video of your own? Coming up with your own YouTube video ideas does not have to be so hard, sometimes by just watching other videos can give you ideas as well. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have more great YouTube video ideas to add to the list.

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