13 Top Gigs on Fiverr right NOW Outsourcing Tips

13 Top Gigs on Fiverr right NOW! Outsourcing Tips

Are to thinking of outsourcing some of your work to someone else such as writing content for your website, imagery, videos, or even design a logo for it? Check out these 13 top gigs on Fiverr right now to help you through it! From time to time I explore Fiverr (they even have their own ios app yay!) to see what their top rated and popular gigs are. Sometimes seeing the new ones are a light bulb going off in my head, like hey, I could use someone to do that for me!

First off lets talk about real quick what Fiverr is if you do not already know. Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for services starting at $5, calling each service a “Gig”. You can find almost any and every service on here that can be done telecommuting. They’ve been around since February 2010.

You may ask, why go with top gigs on Fiverr to start out your outsourcing experience? Well one, you are outsourcing to real professionals within each area. You can read the bio for each Fiverr where it will gives a brief summary of their background, plus it will show you their reviews, what their rated, and how many jobs are in their “queue”. This gives you a good idea on whether or not to hire them.

13 Top Gigs on Fiverr:

(1) Content Marketing Plans

So you have your website or blog, now what? If you are asking yourself which direction you need to go, well it may be time to get someone to help you come up with those next steps. Some of the top gigs on Fiverr for content marketing plans may include: helping you come up with keywords for your website, article/blog titles, descriptions to include within, and more to help you drive traffic to your site and grow your brand.

(2) Listicles

I was asking myself the same thing. What is a listicle? How Fiverr explains them: they are easy to understand, shareable on social media, drive engagement, and of course, since they are on Fiverr, they are affordable! Listicles are actually not new at all, they are articles presented in the form of a numbered or bullet-pointed list. You know what I’m talking about now! These are my actual preferred format for reading a blog because they are really easy to read and straight to the point.

(3) Meme

Are you surprised? These are indeed one of the most popular things you see all over the web. A random photo with a funny saying on it that completely makes sense and is hilarious, of course these are going to be a big hit. Memes are fun to stick in your articles or post to your social media.

(4) Quizzes and Surveys

A great interactive tool for your audience to tell you what’s on their mind. Plus it will help you to know how to improve in some areas. A great way to keep your audience engaged in what you do as well, they’ll know you care.

(5) Content Writer

Under this category it could be many things from writing an about or info page to blog or article, to even eBooks. No matter what type of website or blog you have, content is key. With that being said keeping up with the content and coming up with fresh articles is very important if you ever want your site to rank. If you are like me, busy, and sometimes have trouble finding inspiration to come up with content, it may be worth it to hire someone else to come up with it.

(6) Press Releases

A great way to get your content out there is to find someone who knows what their doing, and knows the best third party sites to blast your content out to.

(7) Guest Blogs and Articles

Many Fiverr individuals offer guest blogs on their site, or to be the guest blogger on your site. This can also include them offering space in a newsletter or somewhere on their website to feature your website to drive even more traffic to it.

(8) Mobile App Creation

There are many gigs within each category from start to finish when it comes to creating your own mobile app. First you have to design it, next code it, then test it, and last of course promote it. You can find many people on Fiverr willing to help you out with this project from start to finish.

(9) Business Logo

Really the beginning of a lot of businesses. Logo design is tough, finding the right person to do it is hard, and luckily on Fiverr there are highly rated individuals that will help with the right design for your brand.

(10) Video Recipes

Makes absolute sense! I love the different, easy, and quick video recipes I see on Facebook. Of course this would be a huge hit on Fiverr.

(11) Pokemon Go

Of course, the hottest game right now has its own popular gigs on Fiverr right now. Is there a way to tie this in to your business? Maybe if you are trying to attract a certain audience. Or maybe this one can be for fun.

(12) Quote Graphics

I love these. There is always a need for quote graphics, I post them all the time all over my social media. These are great to have on hand for both business and personal use. At least when you find someone on Fiverr to design them for you, you can make it specific to your brand.

(13) Presidential Campaign

Of course with this being election year, there is a huge list of gigs (mainly centered around Trump) on Fiverr right now. Many are Trump holding a sign and some are voice effects to make Trump say certain things. Personally I do not think business should be mixed with politics, but completely up to you.

I hope this article helps you when it comes to outsourcing to the top gigs on Fiverr. Or maybe you can use this article as an idea to make an extra income. Keep in mind the top gigs on Fiverr can change from day to day. It’s the internet and the evolving technological world we live in today. I leave you off with explore Fiverr, read reviews, and don’t be afraid to ask your Fiverr that you’re interested in questions.

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